Wellington Management Group develops and provides short and long term accommodation in New Zealand’s major cities. As a team WMG has a collective experience of 75 years in property development, property management (commercial, residential and hotels) and commercial and residential investment.

About us

Wellington Management Group is a property development and management company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have built a reputation as a trusted developer with strong in-house teams to effectively manage these properties. We work alongside some of New Zealand’s leading consultants, corporates, councils and government departments to provide the best possible outcome for our projects and clients.

At Wellington Management Group (WMG), we are always aware of risk and constantly forecasting the market so that we can mitigate risks before they arrive. We have an in-house team with a wide and varied pool of experience to draw from, which allows us to be resilient and adaptable in the face of change. As we have an in- house team that is focused on future-proofing the company, we are always able to adapt quickly to new situations. This means that we are able to mitigate risk and protect our business interests in the long term.

A brief history

WMG was started as a property management company focused on student accommodation. In a short amount of time, they became one of the biggest providers of student housing in the area. WMG began looking to the future and planning their next step when they bought under-utilised buildings in Wellington and developed them into hotels. The first hotels in their portfolio were the Setup Manners, the Setup Dixon and Liberty Hotel. They then began to develop their presence in Auckland, with the purchase of Park Hotel and Haka Hotel. WMG developed their current in-house team to start managing and operating these hotels. This forward-thinking approach has allowed WMG to grow their business into its next phase.

With our economic forecasting and company planning we found that there is a huge need for social housing in our inner cities. WMG decided to make the change from hotel development, operations and management to developing our hotels into short and long term accommodations for social housing. We effectively secured long term leases with a good return.

As a company we are resilient, adaptable and have the ability to survive any economic weather.